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Friday, May 30, 2008

SEPERTI YANG LAIN Album In Stores Now, Grab It!

Here comes Brunei! The 'Seperti Yang Lain' album consists of 4 new talents from Brunei, Faiz, Fakhrul Razi, Fairuzneezan and Sri Nazrina. Each has 3 songs to their own, with 2 duet songs featuring Farawahida, the exotic-looking and sharp-voiced Malaysian singer. All songs are written by Julfekar except 'Hidup Baru' and 'Seperti Yang Lain' by HA. All music arrangements by Pam Yuen.

Check out the 'behind-the-scenes' footage in this exclusive video and also to listen to some song previews:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Konsert SELAMBERRR JERRR Jelajah Sabah May 2008 Exclusive Videos!

Konsert SELAMBERRR JERRR Jelajah Sabah May 2008 (featuring artists such as Farawahida, Erna, Aliff Aziz, Adam, Diddy and Imran Ajmain)

Brought to you by Millennium Art, Life Records & Karyawan Entertainment.

Come and watch all the 12 videos HERE or HERE

Introducing to you... Erna and Dean

The 1st single by:

  • Erna - Bukan Untuk Sesaat
  • Dean - Tiba Waktunya
Both songs are composed by Julfekar, lyrics written by Pajin and music arrangements by Pam Yuen. Check it out...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year, New Voices, New Blog

yeah, yeah... na...na...na..
yeah, yeah.. tenangkan setiap langkahku (calm my every step)
yeah, yeah.. inilah yang kucari (this is what I've always searched for)
dan tak kan ku mungkiri, (and never will I deny)
kedamaian kutemui, (the joy that I've found)
dan tak pernah ku sangsi, (and never will I doubt)
Semuanya Ada Di Sini (Everything is here)

Does these phrases sound somewhat familiar to you? Did you hear them somewhere? Probably out of that small speakers at the corner of your living room. Transmission is good, you've always enjoyed the song whenever it is played. You realised that you appreciate the music so much that you decide to get the album at the nearest music store.

This is the satisfaction and enjoyment of every music-maker including composer, lyricist and producer, Julfekar. The above phrases belong to the song 'Semuanya Ada Di Sini' (2007) by Farawahida, who won herself 'The Best New Female Artiste' award in Anugerah Bintang Popular 2006 (with Tanpamu being her 'hittest' song for that year).

Her win has brought much memories and happy tears into the Millennium Art (MA) team. She has always expressed that 'Tanpamu (Without you), everything that is happening to her right now would not be possible'. Never did she expect the win, neither did Julfekar. But one thing I know for sure is, Julfekar has brought a young girl from the unknown to the face of Malaysia. She is now moving forward, expressing herself and her talents to more Malaysians and striving to do better at what she is doing.

While we continue to progress, we would like to express gratitude to all the supporters and people who has been helpful in all of the successes in MA. MA will continue to improve and be the source of music for the people to groove to.

We have begin the act with Farawahida. What's next? Where will MA go and do? There are the internet, satellite and radio... There will be more to come... more artists, more hits, more appearances and more music! Semuanya Ada Di Sini...